Mobile car body repairs

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Get around to Fixing those Chips and Scuffs!

The new year is here, winter will soon (hopefully) be a distant memory for us, but for our cars it could be a case of giving them that first deep wash after a lazy winter period and noticing that as well as protecting us from slipping, all that grit on the road has contributed to some unwanted paint scratches, scuffs and chips to the paintwork of our cars.

Perhaps we even notice that some unscrupulous so and so must have bumped into us in a supermarket car park, but all that snow, mud and grime had been covering the dents that we?ve been left with. Either way, the time is ripe to set about finding a car body repair specialist to make our vehicles shiny and new once more.

There are a whole range of options when it comes to finding someone suitable to carry out the work. However, one of the most attractive options on the market is the mobile car body repair specialist. They can, quite literally bring the car repair workshop to your driveway, removing the need to call in a favour from a friend or loved one to ferry you back from the shop after dropping off your car, or taking that costly taxi ride home or to work. Some of the best mobile repair specialists will set up what looks like a forensic tent to make sure that your garden and drive are kept clean and tidy and most importantly safe as the repairs are carried out. You will never be without your car ? only unable to drive it as the work is carried out and then you are back on the road again. It?s as simple as that.

You should always ask a range of questions before choosing a company to carry out your repairs, as there is plenty of competition and choosing can be quite tricky without carrying out our own research first. One thing that should always be set in stone before those stone-induced chips are smoothed out is pricing. You should be handed a clear quotation before any work is carried out so that there are no nasty surprises at the end of the job. On top of this you should ask to see some examples of before and after shots from previous jobs to make sure that you are happy with the level of workmanship that can be expected. Another important factor is timing. The whole point of a mobile repair is that it can be done at your convenience, at your place of work or home on a day and at a time that wholly suits you. To this end it is vital that your chosen specialist can work around your important schedule so that you can derive the maximum benefit from this ultra-convenient arrangement.

Of course, not everyone has the sort of busy schedule that means that a mobile repair specialist is absolutely necessary, so this opens up the whole gamut of car repair shops. The fact remains that you should look at peer reviews, ask for evidence of prior work and in the case of dropping off your car at a shop make sure that you are given a guarantee as to when your car will be finished to ensure you have it as and when you need it. Even if you have a more relaxed schedule you may wish to consider a mobile repair specialist simply for the peace of mind that when they turn up to do the work you can keep a watchful eye on proceedings and make sure that the work is completed on time.