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Classic Car Experience in Europe

Whether you are fortunate enough to own a classic car, or whether your favourite classic is only a frequent visitor to your dreams, you’ve probably also dreamt about driving a classic car abroad. The thought of driving a true classic through rolling French countryside under an impossibly blue sky and with the taste of freshly baked bread and fine wine still gracing your palate is quite a temptation and for many aficionados of classic cars it is an itch that simply cannot be ignored.

There is so much to explore in many difference European countries and we’ll come back to France in a bit, but Germany is also a fine choice. Whether it be the more relaxed speed limits of Germany’s autobahns, perhaps cruising along in your motor with Kraftwerk on the stereo, or exploring the vineyards and castles of Bavaria, Germany is a massively underrated destination in general but for driving around it really does take some beating. The beautiful vineyards of Rüdesheimer Berg have unparalleled views overlooking the river Rhine and the Rieslings produced in this, the Rheingau region are truly exceptional, while the winding narrow roads provide a great test for your driving skills!

Going back to France, as it is arguably the most popular single destination in Europe for classic car enthusiasts, there are many choices to make when deciding on which part of France you will visit for your driving holiday. Burgundy is one area that should never be ignored when putting together an itinerary, but just make sure you travel with a friend, partner or other family member so that you can share the driving and take full advantage of the plethora of wonderful wines on offer as you cruise through the territory that is home to some of the most famous vineyards in the world. The same can be said, of course of Beaujolais, which nestled in the mountains and serviced by lovely little roads is a fine place to take your classic car and you will really be transported back in time, when the simple pleasures existed in isolation from our over technological modern world.

France has so much more to offer, but with other places to explore, here, it’s time to move on…to the Balkans. Of course, Mr Clarkson himself has eulogised over the Balkans and what they have to offer the discerning driver, but in recent years Bulgaria in particular has risen close to the top of the pile where classic car holidays are concerned – replete with UNESCO heritage sites and idyllic winding roads. But don’t let this stop you from going farther afield as what could be more exciting than taking in the ancient and myth-steeped lands of Transylvania in an old Trabant! The castles, the Carpathian Mountains and the long dark shadow of Dracula all combine to create something really rather special for those heading to Romania for their excursion. Add to this the possibility of exploring Bucharest and in particular its charming old town then it is one mouth-watering prospect.

Of course, those who do travel abroad on classic car tours in Europe also have the opportunity to make some really good friends, both with the locals and with other drivers who they meet on their travels. Classic car touring can be quite a close knit community and you may even bump into a friend in the most unexpected of places! Finally a word to the wise!  It is strongly advisable to make sure that the company you choose to go with offer excellent breakdown cover and insurance as well as quality customer service over the phone in the event of any emergencies.