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Get around to Fixing those Chips and Scuffs!

The new year is here, winter will soon (hopefully) be a distant memory for us, but for our cars it could be a case of giving them that first deep wash after a lazy winter period and noticing that as well as protecting us from slipping, all that grit on the road has contributed to some unwanted scratches, scuffs and chips to the paintwork of our cars.

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Classic Car Experience in Europe

Whether you are fortunate enough to own a classic car, or whether your favourite classic is only a frequent visitor to your dreams,

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Essential Guide to Car Maintenance

Whether you are a true petrolhead or simply someone who uses their car to get from A to B, the facts are usually the same.

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Top Tips for Removing Car Dents and Chips

Many of us like to take some pride in our own vehicles and there can be nothing more annoying than a nasty little dent or scratch on your paintwork appearing out of nowhere.

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Paintless Car Dent Repairs

Getting a dent in your car can be a major annoyance, mainly because of the time money and effort that?s generally involved in getting the problem fixed.

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A Guide to Car Auctions

Car auctions are growing in popularity in the motor industry and they provide a memorable experience and the opportunity to drive away with a bargain.

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